Being a real estate agent can be a very rewarding and gratifying career. It offers the opportunity to meet many interesting and diverse people and can present some very memorable, and at times, unpredictable situations. 

Over the years, our Century 21 Armstrong Team Realty agents have handled a multitude of real estate transactions; below are two examples of challenging situations that happened along the way:

Expect The Unexpected

When Hurricane Irma blew to Florida this past summer, a state of emergency was declared, which stopped all real estate transactions in their tracks. One of our agents had a customer at that time who was unable to close on the home they were purchasing just one week before their scheduled closing. The family had to move right away, as their prior home had already sold and everything they owned was in boxes! Our agent helped to negotiate a deal with the seller whereby the seller would allow the family to move into the home with a monetary retainer. That protected the seller and gave the buyers the relief they needed. The family was able to move in and the closing took place shortly thereafter. Positivity from our agent and the buyers, as well as the kindness of the seller, made for a happy ending to a very unpredictable situation.

One Man’s Obstacle

Selling real estate in the State of Florida can give rise to some unusual home features, like the occasional sink hole. For anyone outside of Florida, this might sound dreadful, but much like Californians have learned to live with the threat of earthquakes and northerners have accepted the inevitability of nor’easters, Florida residents have become more accustomed to them and there are many good companies that have the expertise to successfully repair those that are repairable. Of course, in a case such as this, all reputable agents understand that full disclosure is not only crucial, but ethical. So, while dealing with a sink hole is certainly not for everyone, one man’s obstacle may not phase another.

One never knows where a day in real estate may lead, but our agents look forward to each day as another opportunity to help people successfully sell property or buy the perfect home, regardless of any setbacks that might occur—our team is ready for anything!

Century 21 Armstrong Team Realty: We are all REALTORS® and adhere to the Realtor Code of Ethics.